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The Band - Stage Fright
1. Strawberry Wine
2. Sleeping
3. Time To Kill
4. Just Another Whistle Stop
5. All La Glory
6. The Shape I'm In
7. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
8. Daniel And The Sacred Harp
9. Stage Fright
10. The Rumor
Notes: Todd Rundgren was the engineer on this CD.
$9 (CD)
Camp (Original Soundtrack)
1. How Shall I See You Through My Tears 
2. Century Plant 
3. Here's Where I Stand 
4. I Sing For You 
5. The Want of a Nail
6. Wild Horses 
7. Ladies Who Lunch 
8. Turkey Lurkey Time 
9. Skyway - The Replacements
10. The Size Of A Cow - The Wonder Stuff
11. On/Off - Snow Patrol
12. Right On Be Free - The Voices Of East Harlem
13. I Believe In Us - Warren Wiebe
14. Round Are Way - Oasis
Notes: The Hollywood concept shorthand for Todd Graff's semi-autobiographical musical comedy may be Fame-meets-Meatballs, but the film (nominated for the Grand Jury prize at the '03 Sundance Film Festival) has an energetic musical heart all its own. The original songs of Michael Gore (the original Fame) and Lynn Ahrens (Schoolhouse Rock, the Broadway adaptation of Ragtime) revolve around poles of upbeat gospel fervor ("Here's Where I Stand," "How Shall I See You Through My Tears") and introspective ballads ("I Sing For You"), while the score's choice of covers initially echo those concerns via Todd Rundgren's "The Want of a Nail" and the Stones' "Wild Horses," respectively. But the teen-voiced covers of Sondheim's middle-age missive "The Ladies Who Lunch" and Bacharach/David's loopy "Turkey Lurkey Time" also underscore its youthful sense of anything-goes abandon. The pop songs that round out the collection are a well-chosen and emotionally sympatico lot, especially the Replacements' "Skyway", the Wonder Stuff's "The Size of a Cow" and even Warren Wiebe's weepy ballad "I Believe in Us." This enhanced CD features include behind the scenes footage, film trailer, cast photos, and bios.
- Jerry McCulley 
$9 (CD)


Felix Cavaliere - Self-Titled
1. High Price To Pay, A
2. I Am A Gambler
3. I've Got A Solution
4. Everlasting Love
5. Summer In El Barrio
6. Long Times Gone
7. Future Train
8. Mountain Man
9. Funky Friday
10. It's Been A Long Time
11. I Am Free
Notes: Personnel includes: Felix Cavaliere, Cissy Houston, Elliott Randall, Randy Brecker, Roger Powell, Todd Rundgren, John Hall. This CD was also co-produced by Todd Rundgren.
$9 (CD)

The Glitterhouse - The Almost Complete Recordings - 1966 To 1974
The Glitterhouse Album - "Colorblind- First Edition" - 1968
1.Tinkerbell's Mind
2. Princess of the Gingerland
3. Sassafrass and Cinnamon
4. Child of Darkness
5. I Lost Me a Friend
6. Times are Getting Hard
7. Where Have You Been Hiding?
8. Hey Woman
9. Happy to Have You Here Again

Songs from "Barbarella" Soundtrack Album featuring the Glitterhouse - 1968
10. Barbarella
11. Love Drags Me Down
12. I Love All the Love in You

The Early Singles - 1966/67
13. Rumpelstiltskin
14. Ode to an Unknown Girl
15. Alice in Wonderland
16. So Many Roads

The audition tape - 1967
17. New York Blues

In house demos - 1968
18. Born to the Blues
19. It's Going to Take Some Time
The Glitterhouse Reunion demoes
20. Grandma, Why Do You Live in Harlem?
21. Going Home
22. Rainbow Child
23. For Ann, Liz and Harvee

The Glitterhouse: Mike Gayle - lead guitar and lead vocals, Hank Aberle - harmony vocals, guitar, violin (cut 1), lead vocal on cut 23 - Al Lax - Hi harmonies and bass, Moogy Klingman - Keyboards, and lead vocal on cut 19, Joel "Bishop" O'Brien - drums except* and lead vocal on cut 18.

Songs 1 thru 12 produced by Bob Crewe and engineered by Roy Cicala & Shelly Yakus at A &R studios, NYC. Songs 13 thru 16 were produced by Weiss & Slater. Songs 17 thu 23 were all basically demos produced by the Glitterhouse.

All songs written by Mike Gayle except songs, 10, 11, 12 which were written by Bob Crewe and Charles Fox, Song 13 which was written by P.Cowap and song 23, which was written by Mike Gayle and Moogy Klingman.

Gary Reems plays drums on cuts 13 thru 16, Leo Adamion played drums on cuts 20 & 21, John Wilcox played drums on cut 22, John Seigler played bass on cuts 20, 21 & 22, Bob Crewe played some percussion and sang some backgrounds on cuts 1 thru 12
The Bob Crewe Orchestra played all the instruments on cuts 10, 11 and 12 except for Moogy and Hank on harmonica and Moogy on organ.
$11 (CD)

Grand Funk - Shinin' On
1. Shinin' On 
2. To Get Back In 
3. Loco-Motion 
4. Carry Me Through 
5. Please Me 
6. Mr. Pretty Boy 
7. Gettin' Over You 
8. Little Johnny Hooker 

Notes: Todd produced/engineered and played guitar on "Shinin' On."

$9 (CD)
Hall & Oates - Do It For Love
1. Man On A Mission
2. Do It For Love
3. Someday We'll Know
4. Forever For You
5. Life's Too Short
6. Getaway Car
7. Make You Stay
8. Miss DJ
9. (She) Got Me Bad
10. Breath Of Your Life
11. Intuition
12. Heartbreak Time
13. Something About You
14. Love In A Dangerous Time
Notes: Todd sings with Hall & Oates on the New Radicals' song "Someday We'll Know."
$9 (CD)

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III - The Monster Is Loose CD
1. The Monster Is Loose
2. Blind As A Bat
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
4. Bad For Good
5. Cry Over Me
6. In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King
7. Monstro
8. Alive
9. If God Could Talk
10. If It Ain't Broke Break It
11. What About Love
12. Seize The Night
13. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
14. Cry To Heaven

Notes: Todd and Kasim play on this CD.
$9 (CD)

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III - The Monster Is Loose CD/DVD

1. The Monster Is Loose
2. Blind As A Bat
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
4. Bad For Good
5. Cry Over Me
6. In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King
7. Monstro
8. Alive
9. If God Could Talk
10. If It Ain't Broke Break It
11. What About Love
12. Seize The Night
13. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
14. Cry To Heaven

1. The Monster Is Loose – A Career Montage
2. Bat Out Of Hell 3 – Animated trailer
3. The Making Of Bat Out Of Hell 3

Notes: Todd and Kasim play on this CD/DVD.
$16 (CD/DVD)

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
1. Bat Out Of Hell
2. You Took The Word Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
3. Heaven Can Wait
4. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
5. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad 
6. Paradise By The Dash Board Light 
7. For Crying Out Loud
Notes: Todd produced, engineered and mixed this digitally remastered CD. Kasim Sulton played bass.
$9 (remastered CD)
The Pursuit Of Happiness - One Sided Story (1990)
1. Food
2. Two Girls in One
3. New Language
4. Something Physical
5. The One Thing
6. No Safe Place
7. Shave Your Legs
8. Runs in the Family
9. All I Want
10. Forbidden Fruit
11. Little Platoons
12. Survival
Notes: Todd was the producer/engineer on "One Sided Story."

Not since the heyday of Rough Trade has a hip Canadian band been so obsessed with sex as The Pursuit of Happiness. While Carole and Kev probed the darker side of lust (though oft with tongues in cheeks), Moe Berg and Co. bring a much lighter, happier tone to matters of the heart and flesh. Their superb debut LP, Love Junk, marked TPOH as real power pop/rock contenders whose charms were better appreciated in Europe and the US than here; their exclusion from any Juno nominations was scandalous. Their second album, One Sided Story, was again produced by Todd Rundgren, clearly one of singer/songwriter Berg's heroes. A song like "Survival" is too Todd-like for comfort, and the band would be well-advised to move elsewhere next time out. That's the only real reservation here. Berg's spirited vocals and guitar work are nicely enhanced by a no-frills rhythm section and female backing vocals, and his hook-filled songs again offer plenty of naughty fun. On his first hit, "I'm An Adult Now," Berg pledged to write songs about women, not girls, but most of the songs here do, in true pop tradition, sing the praises of girls. The first song, "Food," is a hilariously lewd comparison of his lover to various food forms - "Your love is like greasy fried noodles, instantly gratifying, makes me want to come back for more." The next song, "Two Girls In One," accurately nails the modern girl - "Sensitive and vulnerable, that's the kind she like best, but he's got to have muscles and lots of hair on his chest." Just occasionally, Moe's gaze is averted from the groin; "Little Platoons (My Neighborhood)" being an evocative depiction of his decaying home area. Their pop vision may be one-sided, but Canadian music is indeed invigorated by The Pursuit of Happiness.
- Kerry Doole

$16 (used CD)
Todd Rundgren - An Elpee's Worth Of Productions
1. Personality Crisis - New York Dolls 
2. We're An American Band - Grand Funk
3. All Mine - Fanny
4. Funky Friday - Felix Cavaliere
5. It's All Too Much - Steve Hillage 
6. All Revved Up With No Place To Go - Meat Loaf
7. Bully For You - Tom Robinson Band
8. It Must Be Love - Rick Derringer
9. Prime Time - The Tubes 
10. Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith Group
11. Whispering Your Name - Jules Shear
12. If I Had You Back - The Rubinoos
13. Live For Today - Lords Of The New Church
14. Dear God - XTC 
15. Midnight Sun - Hunter
16. I Don't Mind At All - Bourgeois Tagg
17. I'm An Adult Now - The Pursuit Of Happiness
18. Too Cool To Fall In Love - Jill Sobule 
Notes: "An Elpee's Worth Of Productions" is a great collection of songs produced by Todd. This is a "cutout" CD and it has a drill mark on the spine.
$15 (CD)
Jules Shear - Watch Dog (1983)
1. Whispering Your Name
2. Standing Still
3. All Through The Night
4. I Need It
5. Longest Drink
6. Never Full
7. I Know I Know
8. She's In Love
9. Love Will Come Again
10. Marriage Made In Heaven
11. When Love Surges (Extended Version) *
12. When Love Surges (Instrumental Dub Mix) *

* Japanese CD Version Only

Notes: The opening track on Jules Shear's first solo album, "Whispering Your Name" is one of his best and most popular songs. Although it hasn't become as famous as "All Through the Night" or "If She Knew What She Wants" (Alison Moyet's fine 1994 single wasn't a hit, unfortunately), it's still a remarkable tune. Opening with a vaguely threatening battery of cellos and electric guitars (producer Todd Rundgren's fingerprints are all over this song, and the album as a whole), the song has a relentless forward momentum exacerbated by Flo and Eddie's oddly syncopated, high-pitched vocals in the chorus. Shear's elliptical lyrics are directed at the ex-boyfriend of the new woman in the singer's life; it's left deliberately unclear exactly what's going on between the singer and the woman, or indeed if she's still in love with her ex, and, indeed, the lyrics convey this confusion so well that it's clear that the singer himself has no idea what the emotional ramifications of his situation are. It's like a Raymond Carver short story set to a bouncy little post- new wave synth-inflected pop tune.
- Stewart Mason
$29 (new LP)
$15 (used LP)

Sparks - Self-Titled

1. Wonder Girl
2. Fa La Fa Lee
3. Roger
4. High C
5. Fletcher Honorama
6. Simple Ballet
7. Slowboat
8. Biology 2
9. Saccharin & The War
10. Big Bands
11. (No More) Mr. Nice Guys

Notes: Todd produced "Sparks."
$9 (CD)

Splender - Halfway Down The Sky
1. I Don't Understand 
2. Yeah, Whatever 
3. Monotone 
4. Space Boy
5. Special
6. I Think God Can Explain
7. Supernatural
8. Irresponsible
9. I Apologize
10. Spin
11. Cigarette
12. Wallflower
13. London
Notes: Todd produced "Halfway Down The Sky."
$9 (CD)
Michael Stanley - Michael Stanley
1. Rosewood Bitters 
2. Denver Rain 
3. Louisville A.D. 
4. A Friend And Nothing More 
5. Rock And Roll Man
6. Moving Right Along
7. Resurrection
8. Good Time Charlie
9. Song For A Friend Soon Gone
10. Subterranean Homesick Blues
Notes: Todd plays clavinet on this CD. Also featured is Patti Austin and Joe Walsh.

This CD is extremely rare. There is only one copy in stock!

$45 (new/cutout CD)


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