The Weavils
The Weavils is a four-piece funky blues rock band based in the Madison and Fox Valley, WI areas, that performs an eclectic mix of original music and covers by various influences including TR/Utopia/Nazz, the Radiators, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, the Beatles, and Phish. The Weavils band members are guitarist Jeff Gauss, bassist Mike "Geppy" Gephart, keyboardist John Luc Finucan, and percussionist Dean Tassone. They were formed as a studio unit on January 29, 1992 and have been performing together since that date.

Milwaukee, WI
Shank Hall

1. Heart Of Yours
2. River City Blues
3. Happy Land
4. Make It Happen
5. Ode To Todd
6. One World

Madison, WI
The Annex

7. Make It Happen
8. Comin' Into Los Angeles
9. Dance Of Death
10. River City Blues
11. Rain
12. BOC Medley
13. Happy Land

Bonus: Soundcheck

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Live At Cornstock 7/11/98

In 1998, the Weavils returned for their third time to the beloved northern Wisconsin festival known as Cornstock . . . returned to conquer!

Having just finished their first album, Make It Happen, the Weavils had much to prove with the introduction of their newly-penned and freshly-recorded originals. Bassist "Geppy" had fallen into the fold nicely as their rhythm section became rock-solid once again. The Weavils blended a great mix of originals and covers that evening and took the festival by storm!

This great recording, creatively mastered at Madison's Studio Earth, is finally available in double CD form with amazing artwork by smeeg.
Included is an amazing, and much sought after, Smoke Two Joints/Thunderbird that toppled the festival that year.

Notes: Each excellent double CD has been signed by all of the band members!
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Live At The Barrymore

This CD was recorded live on 5/8/99 at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI. It includes smoking renditions of "TV Zombies," and "Happy Land," as well as an extended version of the Beatles' "Rain." A must have!

$5 (CD)
$5 (signed by Jeff Gauss CD)
Make It Happen

The debut CD of the Weavils, featuring such standards as "Satisfy" and "Celebrate Yourself." Studio tracks feature original bassist Hawk Hawkins and live tracks with current bassist Mike Gephart, including "Slippery Reality," are included as well. BONUS TRACK - "IHOP Bop" (love those pancakes!).

$5 (CD)
$5 (signed by Jeff Gauss CD)
The Vault

The first half of this disc is made up of six original tunes recorded for the Knobbywood Studio Sessions of 1995. The second half of the disc gives us unique interpretations of several cover songs that were recorded live in the Madison, WI area in 1994 - 95.

$5 (CD)