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Todd Rundgren
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$12 (license frame)

White Knight  
1. Come
2. Got Your Back – featuring KK Watson w/Dam Funk
3. Chance For Us – featuring Daryl Hall w/Bobby Strickland
4. Fiction
5. Beginning (Of The End) – featuring John Boutte
6. Tin Foil Hat – featuring Donald Fagen
7. Look At Me – featuring Michael Holman
8. Lets Do This – with Moe Berg
9. Sleep – with Joe Walsh
10. That Could Have Been Me – featuring Robyn
11. Deaf Ears – with Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
12. Naked & Afraid – featuring Bettye LaVette
13. Buy My T
14. Wouldn’t You Like To Know – feat. Rebop Rundgren
15. This Is Not A Drill – featuring Joe Satriani,Prairie Prince, Kasim Sulton
$15 (CD)
Live At The Ridgefield  
CD Track Listing
1. I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
5. Black And White
6. Buffalo Grass
7. Determination
8. Lost Horizon
9. Bang The Drum All Day
10. Kiddie Boy
11. Black Maria
12. Drive
13. Secret Society
14. Love In Action
15. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
16. Can We Still Be Friends
17. Hello It’s Me
18. One World
DVD Track Listing
1. Intro / I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Remarks
5. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
6. Black And White
7. Love Science
8. Buffalo Grass
9. Determination
10. Lost Horizon
11. Bang The Drum All Day
12. Soothe
13. Kiddie Boy
14. Black Maria
15. God Said
16. Drive
17. I’m So Proud
18. Ooh Baby Baby
19. I Want You
20. Secret Society
21. Love In Action
22. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
23. Can We Still Be Friends
24. Hello It’s Me
25. One World
26. Credits
$15 (CD and DVD)
$14 (CD)

1. Everybody
2. Flesh & Blood
3. Rise
4. Holyland
5. Blind
6. Earth Mother
7. Global Nation
8. Soothe
9. Terra Firma
10. Fate
11. Skyscraper
12. This Island Earth

$15 (CD)
$28 (CD + DVD Digipak)
Todd Rundgren's Johnson Live
Deluxe two disc (CD + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) edition. 2013 live release from the veteran singer/songwriter. Todd Rundgren's Johnson Live captures highlights of Todd's US tour that followed the release of his album of songs written by the legendary Blues musician Robert Johnson, Johnson, in 2010. With a band comprising Todd Rundgren (guitar, vocals), Jesse Gress (guitar), Kasim Sulton (bass) and Prairie Prince (drums). In addition to Robert Johnson songs, Todd and his band also performed classic material from his back catalog including 'Black Maria', 'Soul Brother', 'Open My Eyes', 'I Went To The Mirror', 'I Saw The Light' and 'Boogies (Hamburger Hell)', making for a memorable live experience captured wonderfully on this set. Tributee: Robert Johnson.
$26 (CD/DVD)

1. Imagination
2. Serious
3. In My Mouth
4. Ping Me
5. Angry Bird
6. Smoke
7. Collide-A-Scope
8. Something From Nothing
9. Party Liquor
10. Sir Reality

$16 (CD)
$20 (Deluxe Edition 2 CD with Metropole Orchestra concert)
Todd Rundgren - Live In Concert At The Warfield Theater

1. Real Man
2. Unloved Children
3. Parallel Lines
4. Can't Stop Running
5. Compassion
6. Secret Society
7. Something To Fall Back On
8. Love of the Common Man
9. Tiny Demons
10. Clich
11. Can We Still Be Friends
12. Mated
13. The Waiting Game
14. Love In Action
15. Lost Horizon
16. Marvin Gaye Medley
17. Feel It
18. Rock Love
19. Hawking
20. The Want of a Nail
21. Hello, It's Me
22. I Love My Life

$24 (2 CD)
Todd Rundgren - Healing
In 2010, Todd performed live shows of his 1981 album "Healing" - a spectacular event promoted by the Internet show Rundgren Radio. This program captures Rundgren playing each and every track of "Healing" in an intimate setting; you'll feel like you are there! Songs include "Healer," "Pulse," "Golden Goose," "Compassion," and more.


$28 (DVD)
Todd Rundgren's Utopia Live At Hammersmith Odeon '75

1. Freedom Fighters
2. Mister Triscuits
3. The Last Ride
4. When The Shit Hits The Fan/Sunset Boulevard
/Le Feel Internacionale
5. Heavy Metal Kids
6. The Wheel
7. Open My Eyes
8. Sons Of 1984

$13 (CD)
Live concert performance of the 1974 album recorded on September 14, 2010.
$15 (CD)
$18 (DVD)



Liars Live

$45 (DVD)


$15 (CD)


$9 (CD)


Moogy & The Rhythm Kings
Utopian Dreams

$8 (CD)



$8 (CD)



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